40 Questions to Ask Yourself BEFORE You Date Him (for Christian Single Women)

Morgan Harper Nichols

Morgan Harper Nichols is a singer-songwriter based in Nashville, Tennessee. She is also the founder of Quite Women Co.!

As women, sometimes we have the tendency to let our emotions do the talking when it comes to making decisions in our lives. This is especially common when we begin new relationships. As a result of this, many of us end up in relationships where we wish we had done things differently, or we wish we had known more in the beginning. However, sometimes we are just so happy to be with this guy that we are afraid to dig too deep, or start asking too many questions for fear that we might mess things up, or scare him away before things even get started.

But we have to do that. By dating someone, you are agreeing that you could possibly end up being committed to this person through marriage and maybe even have an offspring with them. Yes, it’s a lot to think about early on, but you have to consider these things.

Because of this, we have to stir things up and start asking some questions. And if you happen to scare him away by asking him questions, then he isn’t worth having a relationship with you!

Below are some questions you can ask yourself before you change that Facebook status to “In A Relationship.” Of course there will be exceptions, but we just wanted to help you get started!

These questions aren’t anything revolutionary and it’s also possible that there could be some teeny little grey areas, but more than likely, these are questions that you can work your way through before you decide to be in a committed relationship:

      1. Have you ever heard him talk about his parents? If so, is he respectful?
      2. Would he rather TALK to you than text?
      3. Is he respectful toward you around his friends?
      4. Would you be okay with him spending time with your dad (or the fatherly figure in your life) when you aren’t around?
      5. Would you be okay allowing him to see you when your makeup/hair is not done?
      6. Does he have a father/mentor figure whom he seeks to model himself after?
      7. Does he give you more non-physical compliments than physical compliments?
      8. Does he have a job to support himself?
      9. Does he handle his money well?
      10. Do you have the same beliefs when it comes what matters to you most?
      11. Has he met your parents?
      12. Have you talked about short term goals?
      13. Do your short term goals align?
      14. Have you talked about long term goals?
      15. Do your long term goals align?
      16. Does he stop when you say “stop?”
      17. Does he respect your body?
      18. Have you had dialogue about what you believe and why?
      19. Do you know anything about his past relationships?
      20. Does he know anything about your past relationships?
      21. Is his main reasons for being attracted to you non-physical?
      22. Are your main reasons for being attracted to him non-physical?
      23. Do the people you trust the most approve of him?
      24. Do the people he trusts the most approve of you?
      25. Is he involved in his local church, charity, missions, or has a desire to help others?
      26. Has he ever offered to help with a project or something you were working on or stressed about?
      27. Does he try his best to stay clear of dangerous activities (texting/drinking and driving, speeding, other illegal activities)?
      28. Is he willing to admit when he is wrong?
      29. Is he a person of integrity (not willing to cheat, steal, or lie even if no one is looking)?
      30. Is he sensitive towards people with disabilities, people who are elderly, etc.?
      31. Do you have the same beliefs when it comes to children?
      32. Do you feel comfortable when he’s around the people you are closest to?
      33. Does he show an interest in the things you are interested in?
      34. Have you ever seen him help someone?
      35. Do you feel safe around him?
      36. Do you feel that he would protect you in a time of need?
      37. Do you feel that he will stand up for you?
      38. Do you feel that you would stand up for him?
      39. Do you see him as someone you could spend the rest of your life (and maybe even have children) with?
      40. Does he love God more than he loves anyone else?

If your answer is yes to most of these questions, then it sounds like you may have a good thing going.

If your answer was no more than a couple of times, you should take your time and perhaps get to know each other as friends before you move further. Also, don’t be afraid to see the women, and married couples in your life that you know you can trust and be honest with you. Most importantly, make it a priority to seek God in your decisions when it comes to your relationship.

Are there any other questions you would add?